Redesign the Grid

Decentralized ecosystem for energy storage. Now every person or company can store electricity, and also transfer it within the network. The Powerchain ecosystem allows you to trade the energy to stabilize the grid and save money.

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Powerchain Ecosystem


FIAT operations

Energy Exchange

Info stream

*Any member of the platform can
simultaneously act in several roles

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Buy, store and sell energy inside the platform

Ecosystem roles

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Provides a rental capacity for the electricity accumulation and storage. Provides energy buffering, storage and supply of electricity.

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Electricity manufacturers of any capacity, from small solar power plants on the private house roofs, to large-scale generators.

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Buys and sells electricity on the ecosystem, helps passive nodes interact with each other. Supplements the ecosystem functions and conducts cross-border transactions.

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How does it work?

A smart controller transmits a signal containing the new energy storage data to the Powerchain network (ecosystem). The Powerchain ecosystem, as an exchange executes the requests of participants, and the connected equipment performs the corresponding operations: storage, transmission and consumption of electricity. After the energy storage is connected to the network, its owner becomes a participant in the energy market, and the energy storage becomes a part of  virtual power plant in the grid.


Learn how Powerchain Works

Current situation

Nowadays electricity is mostly produced at large facilities, and is further distributed to a wide variety of consumers: from large industries to small households. In fact, there are also grid operators between the producer and the consumer. Hence we all face suffusion problems increasing the final consumer’s expenditures.
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One Solution


Main advantages

...and when consumption grows,
this energy used to balance load
When power consumption is minimal
extra energy goes to energy storage...
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Powerchain stimulates energy storage installation for using it to stabilize the power system. The energy storages used as electricity buffers shave peaks and power grid fluctuations, and stabilize the frequency. Capacities of energy storage node are rented by project participants within created ecosystem.


Powerchain ecosystem helps backup generators earn additional income by selling electricity to other ecosystem participants. Standby power plants will receive additional opportunities for the sale of electricity.

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Rectangle 6.png


Powerchain creates transparent and legitimate mechanisms of converting received reward from other ecosystem participants into money. It creates the opportunity to conduct cross-border operations and eliminate geographical barriers for participants.

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